You Will Not Believe What This Girl Eaten In Only 9 Minutes

Inviting her to dinner would not be a good idea.

If you saw this girl walking down the street, you would think she was eating salad and maintaining a healthy diet, however, you never imagine in a million years how much food you can eat in just 9 minutes. On her YouTube channel, she publishes videos where she devours huge amounts of food in a short period of time. His videos, in which he eats from huge pizzas to monstrous hamburgers, have thousands of visits on the web and have become very popular.

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In his last video, he ate the British dish ‘Fish and Chips’, but in a much larger version.

He also ate this pizza on its own. And I only leave this little. However, he usually leads a healthy diet and does not always eat astronomical amounts of food, they are just an exception.

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