Unbelievable Women Whoai??i??ll Blow Your Mind

With incredible and unbelievable stories, this crazy list of bizarre ladies will totally blow your mind. Women these days come in a variety of sizes and shapes but you might be a little shocked when you take a look at these unique women.

#1 Queen of Corsets

Although there are a number of women quickly catching up with her, Cathie Jung is currently the record-holder for having the smallest waist in the world. The new trend might make some of you squirm and feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable but more and more women are turning to wearing corsets every day in a bid to get the desirable Jessica Rabbit-style hourglass figure.

Corsets definitely aren’t the comfiest garment you could pick out of your closet and we’re not quite sure how these women tolerate them all day, every day!

#2 Petite ai??i??nai??i?? Hippy

If A?Ai??A?hips don’t lie’ then we wonder what truths could be told from Mikel Ruffinelli’s eight foot-wide hips?! Weighing in at a hefty 420 pounds she’s only 5A?Ai??A?4 tall, meaning she wears her weight all around her hips.

Despite plastic surgery allegations, Mikel Ruffinelli claims that all her female relatives are A?Ai??A?hippy beauties’ and she gets hers from her mother and aunts.

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