Top 15 Biggest Celebrity Behinds

One thing that we can love about celebrities regardless of our preference our perception of them is their butt. Nothing seems better than a big butt our favorite celebs and it is often quite a pleasure to see these celebs rocking brilliant ensembles on their bodies to highlight their butts even more. Talking about big butts on celebs these are the 15 names that spring into their mind.

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo can really be accredited for bringing big butts back into fashion, which is why she ranks so highly on our list of best butts. She really brought butts back into fashion by the means of her busty bottom. She’s should definitely be the queen of all butts.

Kim Kardashian

If there is anything on earth that has the capabilities to defy gravity, the award would really go to Kim Kardashian’s backside. Kim Kardashian was brought to fame through a s*x tape, but it has been her backside that has kept her relevant.

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