This Little One Carried A Mysterious Diary, When Her Mother Read It Was Afraid

This video will make your hair stand on end.

Children have a source of inexhaustible imagination, every day they produce thousands and thousands of fantasies and only the years diminish their capacity to create worlds, scenarios and characters, all within their innocent and restless heads.

In general, the things they imagine cause us grace and tenderness because no matter how creative they are almost always, their invention is limited by what they know or surrounds them. But there are times when our little angels say or do things that we do not understand and that perplex us. Many attribute these phenomena to their wide sensitivity which allows them to be in contact with things that adults overlook, things that for us remain invisible.

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It is not uncommon for a child in the course of its growth process manifest being accompanied by another or other beings,some friends who laugh with him, play with him and walk up and down with him, we obviously can not see them, but they insist on his existence. Psychologists call this manifestation “having an imaginary friend” and it is almost always sweet and evokes the figure of someone harmless.

But, What would happen if your son draws his imaginary friend as a terrifying girl, full of blood and with a ghostly appearance?Is it possible that such a spooky being is next to your little one? Well, this mom had the same questions when she read a diary that her little girl was wearing. There she described her imaginary friend, whom she called Lisa and narrated all the things they did together.

The terrifying part of the case is that Lisa apparently was a girl who lived in the house to which they had recently moved and possibly died violently because the girl always drew blood on her body. As much as they told the little girl that it was only her imagination, she insisted that Lisa was real and that she would be angry if they kept saying that about her.

It was not known what else happened, but the drawings that leaked on the Internet opened a heated debate about what children imagine, what is real and what is imagination? As a result of this case many parents told their own experiences and many of them agree that the imaginary friend is not as imaginary as the psychologists affirm.

Look in the video below more details about this matter and tell us if something similar has happened to you with one of your children.

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