This Is What Your Farts Reveal About The Overall Health Of Your Body

Over the years you have no doubt distinguished the different kinds of farts that you and your buddies have doled out on numerous occasions.

They begin to become part of the individualai??i??s personality. Just as Bruno has black hair, his farts always have a distinct burst of burnt wood stank to them when he powers them out in long 5 second drawls. Milo on the other hand has quick rapid fire farts that seem to fill the room with rotting pork. Well it turns out that each fart does indeed contain some personal information to each individual in regards to their health.


Doctors have figured out that different types of farts can serve as blueprints for our health, especially in determining whether our digestive system and gastrointestinal tract are out of whack. Farts are basically a mix of the air we ingest and the gas we produce by bacteria in the lower intestine. Air that we swallow, sometimes with the help of certain foods and carbonated beverages, ends up in our digestive systems, it accumulates, and we need for it to exit our body which we do through performing our belching burps or are nasty farts.

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Intestinal gasses also build up and need to be expelled. Regularly tooting seems to be normal and healthy. The problem comes when the farts start smelling different or worse. Like Milo’s signature rotting pork stank, now has an old pair of socks added to the aroma. This could mean somethings off balance, like your gut bacteria is out of sorts and Milo needs to start eating a lot healthier. If it get’s even nastier and more frequent, it could mean some chronic problems are taking place like gastroenteritis or irritable bowel syndrome. If they become more frequent than what is average (20 toots a day or so) then this could be a red flag. But farting is subjective so what’s average to some is not for others.

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