This Girl Went To a Blowing School and Here Are 10 Things She Learned

A blowjob school isnai??i??t something you would prepare for but it actually exists and a girl was strong enough to take part in this 2.5 hours class. She, along with 20 other students, learned quite a lot about bIowjobs and how to do it with perfection. Following are the 10 things she learned in the school.

This Girl Went To a Blowjob School and Here Are the Things She Learned

Contrary to what you see in porn, asking your partner to spit on your p*nis isnai??i??t a good idea because mouths get dry and saliva is not a long-lasting lubricant. According to the school instructor, lube makes everything better, and if itai??i??s a flavored lube, itai??i??s all the more fun for the blowjob giver.

2. Itai??i??s all about warmup

The harmonica (putting the penis on the side of your mouth and sliding it up and down the shaft), or the Bobber (making your mouth into an open O that bobs up and down). There are many advanced moves such as the Hot Nai??i??Cold.

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