Things Men Love The Most, Pay Attention To #5

Experts say they have found the 10 secret places guys love to be touched. Basically, even if he is watching the soccer game and is seemingly in a state of hypnotism, you can now grab his attention and make him feel extremely good, exciting his senses and getting him in the mood. See, there are parts of his body that are known as ai???hot spotsai??? which are loaded with very sensitive nerve-endings. When stimulated, he feels good. So letai??i??s take a look at these 10 secret places to make your love life with your partner even more intimate.

1: The Dip Under His Ankle

Halfway between his ankle bone and heel, youai??i??ll find a tiny pressure point (pea-sized) that has huge passion potential. If you press it, you release energy in his body which goes onto produce feelings of enormous pleasure for your man. This is a move that should probably be tried only underneath the bedsheets. Get into a position so that you are facing his feet, and maximize his pleasure by reaching forward and grabbing his ankles. Then, push the pressure points. Heai??i??ll thank you later.

2: His Ear

If youai??i??ve never touched or kissed a manai??i??s ear, youai??i??ve been starving him of a lot of pleasure all this time. The ear might only be small, nondescript and perhaps even hidden away; but youai??i??ll be amazed at how good it makes your man feel when you give it some attention. You can start with a little whisper in his ear, which can already be enough to drive him wild with desire. Then you can crank things up by kissing his ear. Then, when you know heai??i??s really getting in the mood, you can start biting his earlobe.

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