These Zodiac Signs Make Terrible First Impressions. Are You One Of Them?

Are you the kind of person who always leaves terrible first impressions? Or it takes a lot of time for others to become really comfortable together with your personality? Regardless, thereai??i??s always a really good advantage for people who are able to make positive impressions on the very first meetings. Itai??i??s just so much easier for them to really build relationships with individuals particularly people who donai??i??t have the patience to actually get to know you before they decide that youai??i??re worth having a relationship with.

If you think your zodiac sign really gives off bad first impressions, then you must browse through until the end of this list to check out whether to blame your zodiac or not.

#1. Leo.

Youai??i??re just too filled with yourself and thatai??i??s why you tend to make bad first impressions. You are very confident and there are many things regarding you to be pleased with but you canai??i??t always expect others to share your enthusiasm concerning yourself.

You must express an interest in the person youai??i??re meeting. It canai??i??t just be all about you every time.

#2. Aries.

As an Aries, youai??i??re a competitive spirit.Youai??i??re always looking to one-up anyone you meet and that will sometimes be prejudicious to your relationships. You come off as too aggressive whenever you meet somebody for the first time.

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