These 7 Pictures Shows How Scary Nature Can Be

Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to bless one’s soul. In everything that nature has to give us, there is something marvelous to be proud of. But sometimes, not all her creations are beautiful to watch. They can scare you and it may also become terrible at times.

Have a look at these pictures.

#1 A fictitious tongue!

This is the creepiest image of a parasite you will ever see! You might be wondering what this parasite does? It stays on the fish’s tongue and eats everything it eats. But it is relieving to find out that the parasite does not cause any human disease. Still, next time I eat fish I may have some disturbing images in my head.

#2 An Accomplished Bird!

This is a combination of bird and snake. This looks so terrifying!

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