The Serious Health Problems That Angelina Jolie Is Suffering Seem Not to End…

The diseases are usually not predictable, or at least you do not know when they will appear, and this Angelina knows first-hand.

We knew that he was dealing with severe illnesses, and we transmitted our support and affection. Now he has once again surprised us with a problem that affects US 40000 every year. The actress, unfortunately after everything she has had to overcome in recent years, has had to face it and we tell you about it.

Interview for Vanity Fair

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After her interview last July 26 for Vanity Fair magazine, Jolie declared that after her divorce, 100% is delivered to the care of her 6 children. The lineage has acquired a mansion in Los Angeles valued at 25 million dollars. The actress defended that “It has been a very hard time, and we needed new airs. It’s a big step for all of us, we’re trying to do our best to heal as a family. ” Considering how bad they have been, why not give yourself this whim?

The Jolie-Pitt clan

The head of the family spoke of their lifestyle as something positive. He reaffirms saying that this new home will be one of the best opportunities for his offspring whom he defines as intelligent, reflective and struggling beings. Undoubtedly, as the interpreter says, these guys are not cured of divorce, but they are doing it out of life. They have been forced to overcome very strong situations for a child, their children are between 9 and 15 years and now they have had no choice but to re-support their mother with their new health problems.

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