The Child Who Has Never Eaten A Gram Of Sugar ai??i?? Here Is How She Looks Today

I know that a lot of you reading this article might laugh at the idea of having your child not eat anything that contains factory sugar.

Candy and cakes are just as much a part of a childai??i??s life as unconditional love and care. The sweet treats help make them behave, donai??i??t they? So why would any well-meaning parent deny their kids any of these? You definitely had candy and chocolates as a kid, and here you are today, doing just fine. In moderation, sugar does no one harm or does it?

Well, before we get into that discussion, it is important to state that the sugar that we are talking about is that which doesnai??i??t exist in nature. Like those in candies and cakes, not those that exist in fruits. You see, with the advance in the scientific method of research, we are beginning to see the devastating effects of sugar on our health ai??i?? both in the short and long term. Young kids are becoming type 2 diabetics in an increasing number, which is pretty much alarming. And that is because this type of disease is often regarded as an old folk disease.

So, because of this, an increasing amount of people become intentional when it comes to their nutrition. They are choosing to go the healthy route rather than having a chunk of their meals be junk food. And as these set of people become parents, you can bet that they would transfer this mentality of eating healthy to their kids. And so if you have ever thought of the possibility of raising a child without sugar, then Grace Cooper will tell you that it can be done.

In fact, it has been done.

Now, Shan Cooper is a mother of a 2A?-year-old child who hasnai??i??t tasted any type of factory-made sugar, ever! So naturally, the next question is ai???How did she do it?ai???

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