Terrifying Sexual Disorders You Didnai??i??t Know Existed

#1 Persistent genital arousal

Having an orgasm might be the single most pleasurable experience in the world. But while missing out on the big O might be frustrating and even painful, would having one on a daily basis be any better?

A swift “hell yes” is expected from the majority, but those suffering from persistent genital arousal are guaranteed to proclaim a resounding “hell no.”

The rare sexual disorder results in women having spontaneous, persistent, and uncontrollable arousal that is unrelated to feelings of sexual desire. Before you go off on a tangent about how enjoyable it is to have countless orgasms without even trying, you should know that it’s practically paralyzing.

“Persistent genital arousal disorder — or PGAD — is one of the most difficult and distressing conditions in all of sexual medicine,” Dr. Snyder explains. “There are many [different] causes of PGAD, from pelvic nerve entrapment to a kind of post-SRI withdrawal syndrome (when one goes off antidepressants), and most of them tend to be very hard to treat.”

Physical arousal can last from a single day to a full week and can prohibit sufferers from doing the most mundane tasks. While orgasms can provide relief, it’s only temporary; symptoms tend to come rushing back after only a few hours. However, identifying certain triggers — like carrying a vibrating cell phone or taking a bumpy car ride — can help victims avoid oncoming episodes.

#2 Sexsomnia

For those who think peeing in the linen closet instead of the bathroom is the worst kind of sleepwalking you can endure, you’re wrong (although, waking up to find urine all over your towels is incredibly disgusting).

A newly recognized disorder, sexsomnia is exactly what it sounds like: a condition in which a person performs sexual acts while being completely asleep. If the person being sleep-sexed is into it, this is actually kind of awesome. But you know what’s not awesome? Sexual assault cases.

The Daily News reported in 2014 on 26-year-old Mikael Halvarsson, a Swedish man charged with rape after assaulting a female friend he was sharing a bed with. Halvarsson was eventually acquitted after a former girlfriend confirmed a history of disturbed sleeping patterns and experts argued that he did in fact suffer from sexsomnia.

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