Teacher Threatens To Fail Student Who Refused To Sleep With Her

Lately, we have been inundated with news reports of sexual misconduct among the Hollywood elite. While we have all been distracted by these stories, we have forgotten that some similar stories can strike closer to home. While this story does not have anything to do with the people of power in Hollywood, it is equally, if not more, shocking, to say the least. This teacher, Yokasta M, threatened to fail her teenage students when they refused to get intimate with her.

Yokasta teaches school in Medellin, Columbia. The allegations state that she bombarded teen students between the ages of 16 and 17 with nude or semi-nude photos and videos of herself using WhatsApp.

She got their phone numbers under the pretense that it would make it easier for her to help them with their schoolwork. However, instead of offering school help, she harassed them with explicit photos and videos of herself.

Yokasta invited her teenage students to her apartment that she, at that time, shared with her husband. He has since filed for divorce. Once the teens were inside, she would force them to perform sexual favors all while threatening to fail them if they refused her advances.

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