Teacher explained why he let a student stay asleep in his class and heai??i??s the hero world needs

Everyone gets tired.
Yes, even teenagers. I get that people think Teenagers have an infinite amount of energy and that they do not have any responsibilities at all. That is not at all ture however as not everyone is alike.

And yet People like to treat them all the same. I understand that sleeping in class is not good at all. I mean you are there to learn and not doze off but what if you were just tired of doing all the chores and nodded off in math class?

Youai??i??d probably get written off. Not in this guyai??i??s class though. This man is literally a hero if Iai??i??ve ever seen one. Just take a look at what this Teacher did when someone in his class dozed off.

Wow, those are a lot of things.

Well, at least she told you beforehand.

Trusting your instincts is always good.

And she was lucky to be in your room.

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At least you are doing something.

Not everyone deserves a break, but Meg clearly did.

And she made good use of that break indeed!

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Good for her! And I wish that I had a teacher like that, but I never did. Hopefully, many people will learn a lesson from this and not hesitate to go against the grain from time to time.

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