Restaurant Health Violations That Will Shock You, Revealed By Health Inspectors And Employees

#7 Never say no to a customer

A user by the name of inkuro posted that her mom worked in a Mexican restaurant where the Lady owner cared little for hygiene. Once a lady asked for caldo de res (beef soup) but the place was out of meat. However before the server could tell the lady, the owner stepped up and said they would serve what she wanted.

To the horror of all employees, she digged out some beef from the trashcan, washed it and then even cooked and served it to the poor lady. Servers felt sick watching the lady sucking on the bone. The user’s mom quit her job.

#8 Donai??i??t You Love Pizzas?

Finally to top it all here’s what one manager from pizza hut confessed to Fox News. The dough for pizzas are not made in house, they are frozen discs. Workers too never wear gloves or wash hands when using the dough. To make the dough nice and greasy, it is sprayed with non stick spray before usage. Workers also top pizzas without wearing gloves so it means you’re actually getting a free toping of germs too.


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