Restaurant Health Violations That Will Shock You, Revealed By Health Inspectors And Employees

#5 Take a Look What This Guy Posted

“When I went to Culinary School one of professors made the statement “If you want to know how clean a restaurant’s kitchen is go to bathroom first before you are seatedif the bathroom is dirty there is a good chance the kitchen is in the same condition.”

#6 Hairy Chips

A social user by the name WomblesMama posted that her uncle who is a health inspector in Australia once received several complaints about a fish N chips shop selling food with chunks of hair. When he went there on an inspection, the owner greeted him wearing a vest and shorts. He was all sweaty and covered in hair like a bear. Even his back and neck was hairy like a werewolf. Well what else could her uncle do but recommend wearing appropriate clothing

when serving food.

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