Restaurant Health Violations That Will Shock You, Revealed By Health Inspectors And Employees

#3 Even Cows Love Their Bread

This man’s stepdad was a baker in an 18 century French fortress replica who sold bread to the public. When there was a health inspection, the inspector ripped into his step dad for irrelevant violations like stonework walls, doorless entrances and no insect zapper. After much pacifying the inspector relented and agreed to give a pass on inspection of the food storage area.

When she entered the doorless area, she found a cow licking the loaves. Step dad obviously was dumbfounded too and all he could say was “Honestly, this never happens.” Surprisingly they passed.

#4 Man Made Ice Cream

When this coffee and ice cream shop was shut down after inspection, patrons were shocked as it was always busy. Well when the manager asked the inspector why he shut it down, he replied that he had entered one morning just before the shop could open only to find the owner pleasuring himself behind the ice cream counter. Was he making a new flavor?


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