Restaurant Health Violations That Will Shock You, Revealed By Health Inspectors And Employees

Is it always Service with a smile? That may be the motto for every restaurant but how much of a smile is genuine and how much is robotic. Your plate of that exotic cuisine may look all fancy, well plated and appetizing to the eye but how did it look in the kitchen? Sometimes behind the scenes matter a lot and in restaurants especially there is no telling what you may be really served.

Check out these restaurant health violations that will leave you flabbergasted and think twice before eating in a restaurant again.

#1 Itai??i??s Only Chicken

Joe’s favorite restaurant was shut down. His ex wife who worked in the vicinity found out that inspectors had noticed something leaking from the ceiling. When they opened up the ceiling, to their horror they found eyes staring back at them. It turned out to be several chickens which the staff were rearing in the ceiling. Says Joe” Turns out, they were raising chickens in the ceiling and chicken CRAP was dripping in the food that I had been eating at least once a week.

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#2 Enjoy That Juicy Curry with Its Secret Flavor

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This user posted on social media about how a restaurant was using a secret ingredient for their unique curry flavor

“My friend was inspecting a restaurant walked out the back to find a man stirring a huge pot of curry. With his arm. No spoon or anything, just up to his hairy elbows in curry.

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