Research Shows That Partners Who Love Each Other Get Fat Together

A variety of different factors are responsible for weight gain – overeating being the most common. Many try adjusting their diet or changing their lifestyle habits to combat this. Recent studies, however, have shown that couples who are truly comfortable with each other tend to grow fat over the course of their relationship.

One study spanned across 6,459 women lasting for ten years and discovered that women within the 20-30 age group who were either married or in a serious relationship had a decidedly increased weight. Another analyzed 169 couples over four years and found that men in committed relationships also steadily gained weight. A thesis from the University of York concluded that steady weight gain is one of the signs of a great relationship.

While the cause of this has not yet been discovered, scientists think that the closeness of such a bond may influence one another’s habits and way of life. Women also tend to eat more sugar while in a relationship, and may even eat as much as their male counterparts – who generally have larger appetites and faster metabolisms – without even realizing it.

Research has shown that people who are in serious and loving relationships tend to put much more weight on.

One study researched 6,459 women over 10 years and another researched 169 couples for 4 years.

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