Mom Devastated After Buying Bright Blue Toilet From IKEA, Until She Realizes What It Is

Purchasing online can be very risky. I mean, you see a product you want looking one way online, and then when it arrives at your home it looks COMPLETELY different. Sometimes, the color just might be offai??i??but that can be a huge deal for some people. Meet Marie Stent.

You see, Marie had purchased a lovely toilet from Ikea and was pretty proud of her purchase. It had everything going for what a toilet should have: COMFORTABLE. From what Marie saw, the toilet was the perfect color: the classic go-to toilet seat colorai??i??white.

So you can imagine how livid Marie was when she finally unraveled the toilet just to find out that it wasnai??i??t white at all. Worst part? She had already thrown out the receipt. Now, there are some of us who arenai??i??t ones to complain if the color isnai??i??t what we thought it would be. But not Marie.

Clearly, Marie was not a fan of a blue toilet. But this story isnai??i??t so black and white. In fact, it wasnai??i??t until Marieai??i??s daughter, Amber, took a look at it that she realized that the seat was a double agent.

Yepp, itai??i??s pretty important to read instructions when a package comes! Once Amber read the instructions and realized what the blue actually was, she posted on Twitter.

Amber explained that the seat was actually white but it was covered in a blue protective film. Marie clearly missed that.

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