Meet Caitlyn Jennerai??i??s new fiancAi??e: a 21-year-old transwoman student and aspiring model, Sophia Hutchins

Caitlyn Jenner, 68, is engaged to 21-year-old transgender student and model, Sophia Hutchins. Rumor has it that the two are planning to get married soon. The couple were spending time together at the golf course. Initially, Caitlyn claimed that she and Sophia were ai???just friendsai??i??. However, lately, the couple have been spending a lot of time together. According to Radar Online, the two transwomen are head over heels for each other and are planning to tie the knot ai???very soonai??i??.

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The source claimed, ai???They consider each other soul mates and freely admit they couldnai??i??t imagine a life with anyone else at this itai??i??s still a mystery how Caitlyn and Sophia first met, they have been seen and photographed together at numerous events such as red carpets, car races, and golf courses. Reportedly, Caitlyn also swept Sophia away to Mexico on a ai???romantic holidayai??i??, which confirmed their status as a couple. If the two actually get married, Sophia would be Caitlynai??i??s fourth wife.

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