Man KiIIs His Best Friend Because He Didnai??i??t Say ai???Nohomoai??? After 10-hour AnaI Session

In a bizarre event that happened last night, 21-year old Tyrone Smith killed his so-called best friend, Xavier Johnson, because after a 10-hour anal session between 2 completely hetero. sexual men, Xavier didnai??i??t say ai???nohomoai??? or ai???nohomo broai???, thus, automatically converting it into non-heterosexual sex.

The incident happened last night in Florida, in a small apartment in Orlando. Tyrone stabbed his friend 18 times in the chest and then called an ambulance, but it was too late. Before the ambulance came, Tyrone stabbed him one last time, just to make sure he passed away.

Tyrone was charged for mur.der. According to police officials, he might only face 15 years of prison instead of 30, because ai???he did what he had to do, especially because he was the passive oneai???.

The police is investigating the case to see if thereai??i??s any other reason why Tyrone decided to ki.ll his best friend, because according to them, the main reason is pretty valid and anyone would have done it.

Furthermore, theyai??i??re trying to find out if Xavier did say ai???no homoai???, but Tyrone ki.lled him anyway. In that case, Tyrone may face 30 years of prison, because it would have been an unjustified mur.der.

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