Ladies This Is Why It Stinks Down There. A Guide On How To Eliminate Vaginal Odor

It is normal and healthy for you to have some vaginal odor. However, strong vaginal odor can be the result of douching, excessive washing, wearing clothes that are too tight and certain chemicals in your soaps, among other things. This strong odor can be embarrassing. If you personally feel that the smell is too strong, here are some steps offering some advice on how to eliminate vaginal odor.

Getting a Better Smell

#1 Wear cotton underwear.

Panty hose and any synthetic material will block some air flow to the area. Loose cotton garments will give the region more ventilation, which will help get rid of vaginal odor over time. Wearing silky, fancy knickers once in a while for a special occur is unlikely to harm you. You are not compelled to wear loose cotton knickers every day for the rest of your life..

#2 Wear perfume.

You can wear perfume normally to generally help reduce the smell, but if you have reason to think that someone special is going down there and you want to make sure you smell great, dab a very small amount of perfume about 4″ up from your knee (on your inner thigh). Choose a perfume with a musky scent, as this will most closely resemble your natural smell.

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