He Followed His Wife With A Drone For A Few Blocks And Discovered The Terrible Truth

A man used a drone to follow his wife and realized that he was cheating. The video, which circulates on the web, is almost like that of National Geographic in which a penguin cheats on her husband with another male.

As the images advance and the actions unfold, we also see the evolution in the spirit of the cheated husband, who goes from being a quiet narrator, type Jacques Cousteau, to an exalted man who, according to what hears, hits what he finds. Surely he would have liked the drone to be equipped with missiles.

The video, which shows how a stranger takes the woman in his truck after she waits for him on his way home, has more than 6 millions of reproductions. The man begins by explaining where his wife normally goes and how, instead of turning to the left, he goes to the right. Tells how she arranges her hair “to look pretty for the guy you cheat on your husband.”

While she manages more, he gets more upset, until finally, a black truck appears:

“There he is, the guy my wife cheats on me with. Prepare to see 18 years go by the drain. If they do not pay attention they will lose it. Attention, there it is … 18 years! Bum! As if nothing, 18 pm ## s years! God! Shot as well as nothing! We had a good marriage! I thought we had a good marriage, but apparently not! Go to hell! “He yells at his wife.

Days later in an interview with the press, the husband, whose name is John G., from Pennsylvania, United States, gave details of what happened. He confessed that he wanted to kill the guy with whom his wife Donna cheated him. She explained that when she began to suspect, she decided to use the drone to see what she did when she left home. He admitted that at first his anger was directed against the stranger, blaming him for ruining his life.

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