Gay Guys React to Touching a Vagina For The First Time

It feels like just yesterday when we were all watching a video of lesbians touching mens’ penises for the first time in a ‘social experiment’. Well now, prepare to feast your eyes on a clip of gay men touching women’s vaginas.
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Earlier this month, we brought you lesbians touching a penis for the first time, which was a hilariously awkward video that we loved. But in comments sections around the world, there was an outcry of, “I bet they’ll never do a video of a gay guy touching a woman’s lady parts!” (The actual words they used were much worse). Well, prepare to eat your words.

Once again, the guys from the YouTube channel, BriaAndChrissy, are back with an educative video on the human anatomy.

To be fair, every single word these guys say are incredible reminiscent of the first time I a straight man touched a vajayjay;

Yes, really.

#2 I mean, I was extremely nervousai??i??


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