Facts About Mia Khalifa That Will Make You Her Biggest Fan

Mia Khalifa is the famous adult entertainer. She is sexy and adorable. She is as fun and charming as her videos suggest, with a lot of hidden talents and passions. Here are reasons we fell in love with Mia Khalifa.

#1 Mia Was Born In Beirut, Lebanon Before Moving To America.

When Mia was just 7 years old, her family packed their bags and left Lebanon behind for the United States. As a teenager, Mia and her family lived in Maryland. Mia has two tattoos inspired by her homeland, one of the first lines of the Lebanese national anthem and the other of the Lebanese Forces cross.

#2 Mia Loves Music.

Mia recently posted about going to the Pearl Jam concert. You know you’re cool when you have your own theme song. The song, called “Mia Khalifa” was written and recorded by one of MTV’s well-known Artists, Timeflies.

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