Common Vagina Problems And How To Prevent Them

Most of the women may experience some health issues which can cause their vaginal problems like swell, itch or burn. Often times these women might be feel shy and scared to talk to a doctor. They do self-medicate, which is very likely to compound the problems.

By following these preventive measures below would help in protecting yourself from the major vagina related problems.

#1 Vulvodynia

When you feel painful feeling around the vulva and that pain can be the mordant, itching, throbbing kind, or just be a regular pain that leads to painful sex and even pain from sitting down for too long. If the lips of your vagina have been afflicted for quite some time, you may have vulvodynia. Wearing 100% cotton underwear more often than not, avoiding sitting in chlorine water, using a detergent that is dermatologically approved, and washing your vulva with cool water after going to the bathroom and having intercourse could keep you protected.

#2 Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis also called ‘Trich’ is a very common but curable STD caused by a parasite. Sometimes many people have a Trich that presents itself with no big symptoms. But others have a form of Trich that includes uncomfortable symptoms like itching, in the pain in abdomen, severe inflammation, soreness of the vagina and vulva, mucus and pus discharge, or redness. Antibiotics are necessary for clearing up trich, but preventing it can be as simple as wearing a protection during intercourse and consistently being tested you and your partner.

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