Chumlee’s Sexy Girlfriend Of ‘The Price Of The Story’ Is Crazing Everyone

‘The Price of History’ is one of the most successful programs of History Channel.

Program in which we can see a place of sale and commitment of objects that in some occasions can be very rare or have a historical importance quite surprising and interesting. Inside this pawnshop, which has the name of ‘Gold & Silver Pawn Shop’, works Rick, the business expert and his son Corey, who works very hard, knows a lot and is nice. But one of Corey’s children, is a young man named Chumlee who is very nice and is always getting scolded by his father and grandfather.

This program became so popular that different versions have been made in other cities in the United States and in other countries. But this program that continues to be the most popular of its kind, is so popular because many viewers feel connected to the friendly Chumlee, who is always making them laugh.

Although the program is known and its protagonists reached a certain level of popularity, they are not as popular for the paparazzi to take the trouble to investigate them and have more details of their lives. But thanks to the photos of his Instagram account the network learned that the friendly Chumlee has a relationship with a beautiful woman named Tanya Hyjazi. This girl called the attention of all the followers of the program, since they affirm that she is quite sexy and that Chumlee is a very lucky guy.

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We do not have more information about it. Some affirm that this girl is with Chumlee because of her way of being, while others believe that her “personality” is an act and that she is with him thanks to the money she has and the fame she has earned through the program.

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