Babies Still Alive After An Abortion? This Shocking Report Shows 27 Babies Being Left To Die After Surviving Abortion.

A shocking fact.

Nick Goiran, a Western Australian politician, wants to know why 27 babies that survived abortion were just left to die. Goiran has petitioned the legislative council to inquire why the law was clearly ignored. Under Western Australian law, those babies, some of which were as far along as 26 weeks, should have received the same care as a premature baby.

Goiran will not rest until he gets answers.

Goiran is the reason that the Health Minister revealed shocking news that 27 babies survived abortion from 1999 ai??i?? 2016. Most of these were late-term abortions. Goiran said that the Health Minister was clear that the babies received no form of medical attention once they were born. The law is very clear that once a child is born, it is considered a Western Australian citizen. So even if the birth was accidental or not, they should have still be given the same rights and treatment as any other citizen.

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