8 Things You Need To Stop Doing With Your Deodorant Immediately

No matter the season, no matter the temperature, we are bound to sweat throughout the day. Like toothpaste, deodorant is essential to our daily hygiene ai??i?? but you might not be using it right. Itai??i??s not enough to just slap some on under your arms in the morning. What you use, when you use it, and where you use it are vital factors in getting the full deodorizing effect. If you find yourself getting unusually sweaty and stinky later in the day, you probably need to shake up your deodorant habits.

Check to see if youai??i??ve committed one of these common mistakes:

#1 Not Applying Deodorant After A Shower

Deodorant works best when applied to clean skin. Wash away all your obtrusive dirt and grime in the shower, then immediately apply your deodorant to get it right to the source of your sweat. It does your body no good to layer antiperspirant on top of a pre-existing layer of sweat.

#2 Never Reapplying

Deodorant is not a one-and-done task. Even extra strength formulas won’t last all day. Always reapply deodorant as needed. Don’t forget to clean the area first!

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