19 Reactions To Weiners Going In The ai???Wrongai??? Place

Weai??i??ve all been there. Youai??i??re hard-core gettinai??i?? your bang on and that ish gets wet nai??i?? wild. Then, suddenly, that D slips into that B and youai??i??re just like ai???WRONG HOLEai???. Sure, on the reg, that blessed B isnai??i??t ai???wrongai??? (if the booty is wrong, I donai??i??t wanna be right). But when your goal is P in the V then, yeah, that was the wrong hole.

But some people have very different reactions to accidental slippage. Some ladies be like ai???Ahhhh owwww stop.ai??? But other ladies either donai??i??t say sh*t and keep going, or they/re like MAMA LIKE DAT. But if youai??i??re a man and you slip in, that ish best be an accident, ai??i??cause if you know what youai??i??re doing, and are putting it in without consent, you are a POS.

These 19 people ai???accidentallyai??? let it slip while banging:

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