15 Weird Snapchats That Didn’t Disappear Fast Enough

The point of snapchat is that your photos disappear and only people that know what was sent was you and the person you sent it to, but unfortunately for these people screenshotting has taken that key factor out of the snapshot game. The following are 14 snapshots that the sender most likely wishes would have disappeared before the person receiving it had managed to get a screenshot, but luckily for us, the people on the receiving end had some quick fingers.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the platform Snapchat, it is an app available across most smartphone operating systems. It is a photo sharing app where you take a photo and as soon as you send it, it disappears from your phone, and then the receiver’s phone as soon as they open it.

Not The Best Funeral Etiquette

This pair is apparently on their way to a funeral, which generally is a somber occasion but for these two who are cheesing it up, I guess they are not taking it as seriously as most. Talk about laughing in the face of death!

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