15 Modern Relationship Problems Experienced Today And How To Prevent

Relationships built on technology, such as online dating, was a bit stigmatized throughout the 90s and early 2000s due to its rather unusual nature. And while binary romance has now become the norm, it has also brought a whole new set of problems over time. An impersonal email has replaced a heartfelt, handwritten letter, while a flower emoji is now the new ai???I love you.ai??? What have other technological ai???conveniencesai??? slowly led to relationship madness nowadays? Letai??i??s take a closer look and find out.

1: Shoot First, Ask Later

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Many of us have personally experienced the crazy boyfriend or girlfriend before. You know, the type who would slash your tires because how-dare-you-politely-smile-at-the-cashier ordeal. Unexpected bursts of anger are all too common thanks to social media, where a simple ai???Likeai??? can mean the difference between being engaged in bliss versus being engaged in battle. Now, just imagine those poor souls that once dared ai???pokeai??? someone on Facebook.

2: Before > After

Letai??i??s face it, most arguments among couples are centered around mundane and trivial subjects. Remember that time you forgot the milk after coming home from a long, mentally-exhausting work shift? And if the girlfriend throws a snarky remark your way, such as ai???how come you always forget the milk, but never the condoms?!ai??? well, the answer to that is obvious; we know better than to be stuck with you for life.

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