15 Misleading Facts About Sexual Health That You Must Be Aware Of

In a world where fake news is rampant all over, and myths are being thrown around like paper towels, there is Ai??much discord regarding sexual health. This is to the point that medical institutions and research authorities have dedicated time and effort to debunking myths regarding sexual health, and making the public more informed about what is safe and otherwise. To that end, following are some misleading myths regarding sex and sexual health, for you to pay minimal to no heed to.

Myth 1: Oral Sex Canai??i??t Give you an STD/STI

First of all, there are some diseases that are very adept at transmission via fluids. The majority of sexually transmitted infections are in that category, and so oral sex is definitely not a safer optionai??i?? Cold sores are a brilliant example or an orally contracted infection.

Myth 2: STIai??i??s Can Be Contracted Via a Toilet Seat

No, this is not true, since there is no fluid transmission here. And transmission cannot happen if there is no sexual activity, since the name is ai???sexually transmittedai??i??. You could get a load of other conditions though, such as wet cheeksai??i??!

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