15 Honest Work Confessions That Are Just Totally Wrong

Few people know that the larger a company is, the more weird stuff is happening in the background. Itai??i??s just the nature of how humans are ai??i?? if someone knows that they can get ai???get awayai??? with doing something, then most probably they are going to do it. What this story is going to list are 15 different blatantly honest work confessions of people doing weird things behind their bosses and colleagues backs. Number 5 is especially funny.

Not Helping the Higher Ups

Some employees so frustrated at work, that they enjoy seeing the higher-ups in the company make mistakes and complete fools of themselves. Kind of like what the person who wrote the above message did ai??i?? that was a very passive-aggressive thing to do.

The ai???Make Believeai??? CEO

Here is a funny message a receptionist from some company posted. The poster said that once the boardroom and other employees leave for their lunch break, they sneak into the boardroom and play a ai???make-believeai??? CEO of the company.

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