13 Sassy Copies Of Hollywood Movies That Should Not Exist

“I am a legend” a bean.

Plagiarism has always been the big problem of the most popular films. Successful Hollywood films have been the victims of unoriginal versions that turn out to be a mockery of the original film. Maybe once or twice, you had the misfortune of falling into the situation of watching a movie and asking yourself, is not this the same as the movie I saw the other time? YES! I’m sure it happened to you, but the worst thing of all is that what you’re seeing now is its bizarre and low budget version.

Observe these 13 examples of films that have been copied, embarrassing the version they created.

1 Snakes On The Train

Copy of Snakes On The Plane.

2 I am Omega

Copy of the film “Yo Soy Leyenda” by Will Smith.

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