11 Sexiest Teachers Who Got Arrested For Having Sexual Relationships With Students

These 11 sexiest teachers had clearly crossed the line and took their hard work too far when they slept with students. Secrets didn’t remain hidden that long though, as their steamy relationships came to an end after they were arrested for violating the law on sexual harassment. See their faces below, parents and make sure that you keep your children away from them.

#1 Amy McElhenney took the teacher-student relationship too far.

Former Miss Texas contestant and Spanish teacher, Amy McElhenney definitely took the teacher-student relationship too far when she slept with an 18-year old boy. Though he is of legal age, the law prohibiting a sexual relationship between teacher and student still stands.

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#2 Cheerleaders don’t always have it easy, right Carrie McCandless?

Contrary to popular belief, cheerleaders don’t always have it easy. Just ask Carrie McCandless, a cheerleader teacher, who gave alcohol to students during an overnight camping so she can sleep with a 17-year old student.

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